Start circular water use to avoid the risk of a blue-out

There is an increasing global focus on resource-efficient production processes and consequently, responsible water management. This is where the search for circular water solutions begins, so that industrial players are able to significantly reduce their consumption from the water distribution network in a sustainable, reliable and cost-effective manner.

Belgian company Ekopak designs water treatment plants in the form of containers that purify 'off-grid' water sources such as rainwater, surface water and/or wastewater to the point where it can be used and reused in industrial processes. These containerized installations are deployed around the world and guarantee an uninterrupted supply of water. This benefits not only the industry in the form of process water for production, but also consumers wanting drinking water at home.


ekopak atelier

Ekopak removes bacteria and other particles from the water  using technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and electrode ionisation. This eliminates over 90% of pathogens and makes the water suitable for industrial production processes. To produce the best possible quality of water sustainably, both water technologies and alternative water sources need to play their part.

The 'Water-as-a-Service' (WaaS) solution offers a comprehensive and worry-free water management solution. Experts are on hand for the development, construction and monitoring of the installation. This method combined with round-the-clock online monitoring delivers a sustainable, flexible and cost-efficient solution, tailored to the company's needs. Industrial organisations right across the globe are using the 'Water-as-a-Service' solution.

Continuing to innovate

Constant focus and innovation are key and vital to the pursuit of circular use of water that will allow us all to reduce our water footprint. But to facilitate a genuine impact, we not only have to innovate, we also have to collaborate. For their 'Waterkracht' project, Ekopak is joining forces with local partners Aquafin, water-link and PMV to purify wastewater from 270,000 households in Antwerp to be revalued into cooling water for harbour operators.

  • Ekopak is building and operating the water recycling plant using smart membrane technology.
  • Aquafin will be responsible for the initial treatment of the wastewater and transportation to the plant.
  • Water-link is providing a new water pipe distribution network from the plant and will ensure that the circular water reaches industry.
  • PMV is co-financing the project.

The collaboration between these companies will create circularity with a substantial impact on the water balance. To be more precise, it will lead to an annual saving of 20 billion litres of water. This substantially reduces pressure on freshwater resources, particularly in the Albert Canal, the largest municipal water source in Flanders. 'Waterkracht' will be fully operational by the end of 2025. This innovative concept is an important milestone in the transition to a sustainable port and one which can be implemented in cities around the world.


Pieter Loose
CEO Ekopak

pieter loose